About Us

The Damak Public Library has been an essential provider of free books, idea, information, training, scholarship and education for the people in need at Damak from last 6 years. Founded in 2011 November 15 and was successfully registered in June 28, 2012. DPL is a non-profit organization which is located at Damak-13, Jhapa in the eastern part of Nepal.

This library is one of the few public libraries located in this region and it’s a first public library at our dwelling town of Damak. DPL provides services to the community in its well equipped library hall where approximately 70 readers can study at a time. DPL is currently in a phase of its expansion with a larger study space and on its way to the development in a wider horizon.

Serving more than 18 thousand patrons a year and the coverage of DPL includes all wards of Damak Municipality. As per the aim of library we seek to provide a life-long learning environment for everyone who visits the library, from children youth and to adults. This library provides services in an efficient standard of an e-library facility in its own study hall where the community and youths are benefited by accessing books online that aren’t available in the library. Furthermore, people lacking computer utility skills or who’re not proficient internet users are provided opportunity to learn such skills under the guidance of a learned volunteer professional.

With the support of DPL Youth Team we have performed various public promotional tasks in our community.  Youth capacity building, Workshops on Literature, Poem Recitation, Training of Trainers, Public Speaking Training and Proposal and Report Writing programs are few to name them. This library has performed surveys in different areas of the community like on Sanitary Concept, Concept on not using Tobacco, No Alcohol and Smoking Cigarette in a public place and more. In order to solve these problems we have raised awareness in public by performing awareness street programs in many places and published in different newspapers regarding the survey reports.

Supported by both public funds and private donations, The Damak Public Library embarks on its next 10 years passionately committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of our patrons. For the thousands of energetic and enthusiastic people who depend on us in this, DPL is more important than ever.

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