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Damak Public Library

Welcome to Damak Public Library (DPL)! We are a local library with a global heart, and we proudly serve everyone who visits or lives in our community. DPL is open every day of the year, and we welcome you anytime. DPL provides books and reading materials, computing resources, and a wide range of trainings and programs to help expand the minds and skills of all who participate.

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  1. Initation Of DPL Child Team

    Initation Of DPL Child Team

    Date:10 Feb 2018 Time: Sharp 8:00 am
    With the involvement of the children from around damak ranging up to school's level student, Damak Public Library enlightened for the development of the children for exploring their emerging tallent, initiated the DPL Child team by the formal meeting where the active Nine Membered Committee has beeen elected as below Named DPL CHILD CLUB Co-ordinated by Active DPL Youth Team Present Secretary Mr. Dadiram Dhakal.
  2. DPL Youth Team -10

    DPL Youth Team -10

    Date:3 Feb 2018 Time: Sharp 1:00 pm
    The cocept of library is now not confined in the single place at damak. In the broad sense the DPL youth team is now being extended.
  3. Interaction


    On Mangsir, we had an interaction program with the Zonal president of “Bibeksil Nepali” , Mr.Ujwal Thapa and Member Mr. Milan Pandey. The program aimed to discuss on the social matters.
  4. Interaction With Scientist

  5. Interaction


    On 12 Mangsir 2073, Damak Public Library organized interaction program with Ram Lal Joshi, discussed on this Book which had got Madan Prize. Program was a hit success.

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